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Tom Tyler's Weightlifting Achievements

Each time I win
there's another fight to fight
        - C. Scott & D. Dyer

Here are a bunch of clippings about Tom Tyler's weightlifting achievements and his eventual selection for the 1928 Olympic United States weightlifting team.


From The Post Star, Glen Falls, NY, February 12, 1926:

Tom Tyler Not entering national weightlifting championship


From The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles, CA, April 7, 1929:

Tom Tyler Nine American Marks Smashed


From Exhibitor's Herald, August 22, 1925:

Tom Tyler New Western Star Under FBO Banner Champion Weightlifter


From Times Signal, Zanesville, OH, August 2, 1925:

Screen Strong Man


From Photoplay, August 1933:

picture of Tom Tyler


From The Greenwood Commonwealth, Greenwood, Mississippi, January 5, 1935:

Tom Tyler Champ


From The Evening News, Wilkes-Barre, PA, September 13, 1926:

Tom Tyler sets marks


From Exhibitors Herald and Moving Picture World, May 12, 1928:

Tom Tyler to Try for Weight Event of Olympic Games

From Variety, June 13, 1928:

Tom Tyler Olympic Entrant


From Motion Picture Classic, July 1928:

Great Athletes of the Screen Tom Tyler

From Detroit Free Press, Detroit, Michigan, June 8, 1928:

Actors train for Olympics Tom Tyler


From Screenland, July 1928:

Tom Tyler in Olympic weightlifting contest


From Moving Picture World, August 22, 1925:

Tom Tyler FBO Outdoor Star

No copyright infringement upon Tom Tyler's handsome face and gorgeous physique is intended. Neither is one intended upon his work. I do not make a penny on this site. This website will always be ad-free and affiliate-free. Love you, Tom. XO

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