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Aventuras de Tom Tyler began in January 2015. This website, and the blog, are not meant to be regurgitated biographical information on Tom Tyler but rather a celebration of the actor and his work. Most importantly, Aventuras de Tom Tyler is the only dedicated site to Tom, now at over 500 MB in size - and climbing!

Now that the year 2020 is almost here, there is a surge of interest in Tom Tyler's film career, weightlifting career, and personality. Who was Tom Tyler? For many fans, he was an intriguing man, shy, polite, always got along with his fellow cast members, crew members. Starting out in the world as Vincent Markowski, born to Polish-Lithuanian immigrants, he traveled his dream path under the blue skies of Hamtramck, Michigan, all the way to Hollywood. Even though he died broke, lost his career, wife, and ultimately, health, Tom Tyler remains an inspiration to those who have followed his career, and continues to draw interest among the younger generations.

Over time this website also came to include a list of Tom's lost silent films and talkies and the ongoing search for them. A number of these movies, specifically, Tom's late non-FBO silent films have surfaced in the United States, as well as a few formerly lost talkies. Two more FBO silent films have surfaced in Spain, and Russia, at film archives. Ideally, my wish is to see these movies restored and available on DVD for the public to view. Why? Because it is Tom Tyler's turn. That, plus the fact he is famous once again as the original Captain Marvel, what with the release of the hugely successful movie "Shazam!" starring Zachary Levi, and the re-release of "Adventures of Captain Marvel" (1941) on Blu-ray last year.

If you are a private film collector and owner of a Tom Tyler "lost film" or two and are interested in contibuting to the cause, please feel free to contact me at: aventurasdetomtyler_at symbol_triggertom.com. Thank you!


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