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Our History

Welcome to Aventuras de Tom Tyler! As this website approaches its seventh year of success, it has become much more than a celebration of the life and career of silent film actor Tom Tyler. Aventuras de Tom Tyler is a dedication to the ongoing effort to locate the many lost silent films Tom made for FBO and Syndicate Pictures, as well as a handful of lost sound Monogram Pictures from the early 1930's.


Origin of the website title

With the website title based on a series of pulp fiction booklets from Spain with the famous American silent film actor as the central character, Aventuras de Tom Tyler seems to be a perfect fit for Tom Tyler: his Hollywood adventures beginning with a bit role in Elinor Glynn's "Three Weeks" (1924), a stunt chariot driver in "Ben Hur" (1925), and leading man for FBO. His career in silent film was only the beginning; by the early 1930's Tom was starring in B-westerns for Monogram, Victory, and Reliable film studios. Tom's biggest adventure was as being the first major superhero star, Captain Marvel in the 1941 film serial "Adventures of Captain Marvel". A few years later, he played The Phantom for a Columbia serial of the same name, based on the Lee Falk superhero. Don't forget Tom's adventures in the many Universal serials of the early 1930's, and of course a major Universal movie monster: the Mummy in "The Mummy's Hand" (1940).


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